About Mexicali

Strategic Location

One advantage that makes Mexicali different and unique is its strategic location for both global and national companies, right on the border with California, the richest state in the United States. Connected by a railway system just four hours from the important port center of Long Beach, while also facing the Asian market, the largest in the world. Since its origins, Mexicali has accumulated experience doing business with the world, moving from an important agricultural area to the manufacture, assembly and distribution of countless products for world leading brands.

Mexicali has everything to make your investment profitable.

Capital of Baja California

Headquarters of the executive, legislative and judicial branches in Mexicali, where the public and administrative policies of the State of Baja California are decided. In addition, there are offices representing the Federal Government.

Young and Progressive

In the margins of the Colorado River, Mexicali is a young city founded in 1903, that today reaches little more than one million inhabitants; with the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita the highest in the state.