Economic Activity

Export Industry

Without a doubt, one of Mexicali’s greatest strengths is its experience and export capacity. That in the form of variety generates more than 40 items of export that exceeds 2,400 million dollars annually. This, thanks to a preferential tax regime for the import of raw materials that are transformed into export products. The combination of excellent workforce, modern industrial processes and deep knowledge in international business, make Mexicali a very attractive place for foreign co-investment.

National Industry

The sector is made up of more than 190 manufacture companies, of which more than 80 are members of INDEX (Maquiladora Association) and more than 30 service companies, which in total reach 55 thousand places in low-rotation work environments. Mexicali operates manufacturers of food, automotive and transportation sectors; as well as mechanical metal, glass containers, electronics, plastic, textile and various packaging. The Mexican manufacture industry has a monthly production value of more than $ 100 US millions.

Agricultural Sector

Apart from the manufacture sector, the agricultural production of the Mexicali Valley has great economic relevance as a generator of jobs and foreign exchange. The main crops are garlic, alfalfa, cotton, beetroot, squash, onion, coriander, cabbage, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, melon, leek, radish, watermelon, tomatillo, wheat, vitis and carrot in an approximate extent for all crops of 160 thousand hectares of the 220 thousand susceptible, which represents a strong growth potential.

Mexicali Valley is highly recognized for its export of vegetables, mainly to countries such as the United States and Canada.

Medical Tourism

Mexicali, offers medical services made up of 19 general hospitals, 249 general medical consulting rooms, 241 specialty medical consulting rooms and 418 dental consulting rooms, with an outlay of $ 800 million dollars a year in Baja California, which positively impact on lodging, food and transportation services.

Tourism for Business Trips

In a very convenient way, factors conjugate to attract investment and generate progress, they are: border geographic location, consolidated manufacturer experience, great exporting capacity and agricultural fortress.

Pleasure Tourism

Within the municipality of Mexicali, the port of San Felipe is located 200 kilometers from the border between Mexico and the United States. This is a tourist attraction that is visited year after year by thousands of people from all over Baja California, neighboring cities like San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora and across the border from the United States and Canada, who enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf of California, in various hotels and restaurants that fit all budgets.